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49 City Skylines to Inspire You

This morning I received an email from a dPS reader who was heading to New York for the weekend ahead. She was seeking a little inspiration and advice on taking cityscape shots. I pointed her to some posts in our archives but thought it might be fun to find some great cityscape images on Flickr too. Of course there’s so many different approaches to photographing a city – but here’s some of what caught my eye.
While not every shot will be to everyone’s tastes my hope is that this city skyline image collection might inspire some photographic explorations of the cities we live in and travel to.
Click the images to get information on who took them where they were taken (and to view them at larger sizes).
My Kinda Town
High Diver
Empire State Pigeon
Renee's View III, Central Park at Night, New York City
Grossmunster Church, Zurich
Painted in Light
The Neo Monoliths of Chicago
Multiple Reflections at The Singapore River
Chevron Tower, Houston, TX
Gold LA
Gardens by The Bay
11 September
To the roof
sheik zayed road fantasy
Shanghai | Hazy Lujiazui - PuDong, Shanghai
Shinjuku at Dusk
Midtown Manhattan at Night from Old Glory Park
Mrs Macquaries point
Hong Kong International Finance Center
Urban Projection
Just behind those buildings lies the oncoming zombie horde.
vanishing point
Berlin Skyline
Vista desde la torre [ NOTRE-DAME DE PARIS ] Abril 2010
"A Tale of Two Skylines"
Navy Helicopter flying over Bangkok
A different view: Aerial Chicago loop night from the Hancock, hdr
Blazing Seattle Sunset
River of Gold | Bangkok
Not Lost in New York
Granite Reflections
Manila, Philippines - Golf Club
Sears (Willis) Tower, Chicago, USA: Tourist Attraction #1
Seattle Super Moon
Future city
Herald Sqaure in Manhattan
A Day of Remembrance
Seeing Lights
LXIII Windows, Pt. I
My love, Chicago!
Midtown Manhattan at Night, New York City
impending storms
View to Kill for

by Darren Rowse
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